Antitrust & Unfair Competition Law

The firm has a broad range of proficiency in the areas of antitrust and unfair competition; providing both preventative counseling and advice, and representation in litigation.  We have represented our clients and have served as local counsel for out-of-state attorneys, in both federal and state courts in a wide variety of trade regulation matters; including antitrust, RICO, unfair business practices and false advertising.  Our attorneys have litigated under the Sherman Act and the California Cartwright Act on issues of monopolization, attempts to monopolize, price fixing and resale price maintenance, price discrimination, refusals to deal, supplier boycotts, market allocation and tying arrangements.  We have the expertise to analyze your marketing and distribution arrangements for legality under the rule of reason and to determine whether contemplated licensing arrangements are violative of the antitrust laws.  We would be pleased to address any questions you may have on matters of trade regulation or unfair competition.