Representation of Emerging Businesses

Our attorneys will provide your company with the legal framework to protect the valuable time, energy, passion and resources you have invested into your endeavor.  Depending upon the stage of growth of your company, the type of intellectual property, the projected business expansion and your funding resources, we provide our Emerging Business Clients with some or all of the following services:

  • Assessment and advice as to the most appropriate business entity and location for the contemplated venture, and completion of all required organizational documents.
  • Development of an intellectual property protection strategy and an assessment of potential risks.
  • Consultation regarding various debt and equity financing options.
  • Preparation of employment and consulting agreements.
  • Preparation of non-disclosure, proprietary rights and non-compete agreements.
  • Preparation of stock repurchase agreements.
  • Preparation of stock option plans.
  • Assessment of licensing opportunities.
  • Consultation regarding securities issues in private placements.

We are able to assist you with preparation of all documentation that would be required to meet a due diligence review of your business by a possible equity investor, partner or in an acquisition transaction.