Copyright, Trademark, and Trade Name Attorneys
Copyright, Trademark, and Trade Name Attorneys

Help California Companies Protect Their Intellectual Property

Have you created something or designed a brand that you want to keep others from using. This is a highly common situation in almost every business industry, as even a company name can be misused by others. When others use your works, brand, or business name, it can create confusion in the market, and you can lose profits while other wrongfully benefit from your intellectual property. Fortunately, the business lawyers at Randick O’Dea & Tooliatos, LLP, regularly help companies in and around Alameda County protect their intellectual property.

Copyrights – The U.S. Copyright Office issues copyrights for any recorded artistic material, including literary works, photographs, physical artwork, and musical material. When someone else wrongfully uses or reproduces your own work, you can lose profits and recognition. We can help with complex copyrights applications, as well as copyright infringement claims.

Trademarks and Trade Names – It is extremely valuable for a consumer-facing company to have a distinguishable and identifiable brand and logo. Consider the iconic Nike swoosh or Apple’s apple with a bite out of it. In addition, your company will want a trade name that you use for administrative functions, including taxes and contracts. Some companies choose to use their trade name as part of their trademark, such as Coca Cola. In order to get trademark protection, you must ensure your mark is not too similar to an existing mark While you can receive some protection even for an unregistered trademark, successful registration can significantly strengthen your protections should someone else try to use your trademark or trade name.

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