Civil Litigation Attorneys
Civil Litigation Attorneys

Aggressive Litigators Representing Clients in Pleasanton and the Surrounding Areas

Legal disputes can arise in a variety of situations. In some cases, neither informal negotiation nor alternative dispute resolution work to resolve the matter. In these cases, you often must turn to the civil courts for assistance. Filing a lawsuit is no simple matter, no matter what the case involves. Civil litigation is a complicated process governed by numerous procedural rules and laws. You need a highly skilled litigator on your side whether you are filing or defending against a lawsuit. Call the Pleasanton civil litigation lawyers at Randick O’Dea & Tooliatos, LLP, right away.

Handling a Range of Legal Disputes

Our Pleasanton civil litigation lawyers know that both individuals and companies can face a variety of legal issues that lead to civil litigation. We regularly handle the following cases, among others:

  • Real estate disputes – There are many opportunities for a real estate transaction to go wrong and lead to a lawsuit. We understand the complexities of real estate law and how to stand up for your interests in a dispute.
  • Will and trust contests – Beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries of wills and trusts can often contest the validity of all or part of a will in court. We work to ensure our clients receive the inheritance they deserve.
  • Financial elder abuse – When someone takes advantage of a senior adult and causes significant financial losses, the abuse victim and/or beneficiaries can take legal action to recover for those losses of the estate.
  • Tax and business litigation – Both tax controversies and corporate disputes can be complex with a lot of money at stake. We handle these cases with the priority of limiting the liability of our clients as much as possible.

Contact Our Pleasanton Civil Litigation Law Firm to Discuss a Possible Case

If you are on either side of a lawsuit, you need an experienced civil litigation lawyers handling your case. Please call the Pleasanton litigators at Randick O’Dea & Tooliatos, LLP, at 925.460.3700 or contact us online today.