Will Formation Attorneys
Will Formation Attorneys

Pleasanton Will Formation Lawyers Helping Individuals Plan for the Future

A last will and testament is a foundational part of any estate plan, even if you have made alternative arrangements for the distribution of your assets. In addition, there are certain things that only a will can do that other estate planning tools cannot – such as provide for the guardianship of minor children. For this reason, it’s critical for everyone to establish a will with the assistance of an experienced will formation attorney.

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It is Highly Advisable to Work with Attorney when Creating Your Will

With the proliferation of online do-it-yourself estate planning services, many people consider saving the costs associated with hiring an attorney and just making their own will. Doing so is never advisable, as to be valid, a will must comply with certain legal formalities. If it does not, it will fail, and your assets will be distributed according to California’s laws of intestate succession, which will likely not reflect your wishes. Some of these formalities include the following:

  • You must sign your will in front of two witnesses
  • The witnesses must also sign your will
  • The witnesses must be disinterested parties

In addition to ensuring that your will is executing properly, the assistance of an attorney will ensure that the terms of your will are valid and clear, minimizing the risk of putting your family through a costly and time-consuming will contest in the future.

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